AHAT is a Movement that started in Las Vegas. The purpose of the AHAT Movement is to help up and coming artists gain exposure and provide a platform in which artists can demonstrate their lyrical talents. To help us reach our goal, we started the first and OFFICIAL Rap Battle League of Las Vegas NV in 2008. In October of 2010 we started a Southern California division of AHAT Rap Battles called Barz & Stripez. In 2011 we started our video blog site (ahat.tv) and are open to putting up and coming artists videos from all over the world on our site. In order to get your video posted on our website the video must be of high quality (visual & audio) and it must be a very recent video 9posted within the last few days). You can submit your video by sending a link to your video and a description to of the video to ahat.tv. If we choose to post your video you will be notified via email. If we post your video to our site you must help promote it via twitter & facebook & other social networking site.

Sign up for AHAT.tv text alerts. Get a reminder of when & where our events are taking place. www.broadtexter.com/ahat. Thank you.