Battle Rapper Calicoe charged with fighting dogs and cockfighting

Police didn’t arrest Calicoe at his home upon discovery of several Pit Bull’s and Rooster’s.
But as of 10/24/12 on Wednesday he was charged with conspiracy to gamble, a felony that carries 5 years ; animal fighting, a felony that carries 4 years; and conspiracy to commit animal fighting, a felony that carries 3-4 years if convicted.

Calicoe was found with animal pens throughout his garage, storage shed and backyard and appeared in a video that has been seen a several websites showing off multiple pit bulls and roosters, Boasting “This is That Mike Vick shit’ Calicoe’s father is already serving prison time for his involvement with Detroit/Atlanta’s BMF will he be joining his father or will calicoe’s charge’s be dropped stay tuned for further detail’s. … »