Dezzyk diss track

Dezzyk diss track. AHAT Cali artist Dezzyk drops this freestyle friday video in which he takes shots at several AHAT artists including Nov, Fatz, Artisan, Donnie Menace, Grinda and more.

  • #twinclippers

    them niggas will eat you alive

  • dezzyk

    you can see fatz been eatn but i dont think ittll matter who i battle next because ima win…

  • Taz

    Yo dezzyk you cool and all but um you gunna need to put in sum work homie before you think you gunna beat everyone in the league. Put 2 stacks up and I bet Fatz eats you and Nov too.

  • OD

    no doubt

  • dezzyk

    i appreciate it od…