$10,000 CASH to save battle rap: DIZASTER vs MATH HOFFA boxing match challenge


dizaster-vs-math-hoffa-ahat-boxing-10,000kAHAT Ceo & Founder OD is offering 10,000 for a boxing match between Dizaster and Math Hoffa. OD stated he is offering each emcee $5,000 for 5 rounds :90 seconds each round. The boxing match would have a referee and the emcees would NOT wear headgear. OD also mentioned the match would be a private affair not open to the public. When asked about possible locations for the boxing match OD indicated either it would be in Texas or Las Vegas. He explained that since Texas is between the East and West Coast that would be the best neutral location but he went on to explain that he would prefer to hold the affair in Las Vegas since its the fight capital of the world. OD stated that the purpose of the boxing match would be to help put an end once and for all to the beef between Diz & Math. He feels that if Math and Diz are offered the opportunity to catch a fair one that it would help put an end to their situation and it would help prevent them both from seeking to take their issues to the street. He plans to reach out to both artists in the next few days. Outside of battle rap OD is known to have strong ties to several high profile fighters and champions. This could be turn out to be very interesting if Dizaster and Math Hoffa accept the offer. We will keep you informed of the updates as they occur right here on AHAT.tv

7 Responses to $10,000 CASH to save battle rap: DIZASTER vs MATH HOFFA boxing match challenge

  1. barondebxl says:

    He actually deleted that tweet. He backed out.

  2. Dat truth says:

    He’s already accepted

  3. lionhunter3 says:

    I’m one of the few that think something good will come out of this for hip hop. First of all the fight itself gets millions of views many from people that probably don’t watch battle rap. Ok, so a sponsor might have dropped here or there but there will be sponsors and promoters that understand that there’s no such thing as bad publicity and take advantage. I mean how did 50 cent get famous? Matter of fact how did Math become famous in the first place? Don’t get me wrong he got bars but first time I heard of him was when he punched dose. The fact that they are on a TV show that is airing right now could not be better timing. This is going to bring a lot more people into battle rap, trust me.

  4. barondebxl says:

    Diz would never accept. He a coward.

  5. Angus M.J. says:

    Shit got nothing to do with HIPHOP. Just some fucking promo for AHAT.

  6. PlayboiShort says:

    Respect to OD. A true leader in this battle community. Get familiar with him if you haven’t yet.

  7. Guare456 says:

    thats a great idea and a great offer.. but if im math.. idk if i want to hear that.. but seeing how math probably wont get many battle offers.. i may take this offer and beat his ass and then beat his ass again.. and i know that sound ignorant cause it is… but a boxing match dont do shit for me if i was math.. now imnot math and maybe math has had enough of the shit and thinks wisely but if math thought like that.. he wouldnt do half the shit math do .. but great offer and hope he does reaches out to them….thats just a hard pill to swallow and it aint even all on diz.. them niggas behind em.. idk if they all crip or what.. but them niggas took advantage of the battle scene the attention to promote they own shit.. they put on for they city .. that was their show rite there and they went at the big bad wolf.. .. but nobody got shot nobody got stabbed.. niggas is alive….

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