50 Cent sued for unauthorized sample


Allegations from Robert Poindexter accuse 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) for an unauthorized sample in his song Redrum. The lawsuit specifies that a sample from the Persuaders song “Love Gonna Pac Up and Walk Out” in which Poindexter was the lead singer, was sampled in the song Redrum. 50 Cent’s song Redrum appears on his 2009 mixtape War Angel which was released free online.

50 claims that Mr. Poindexter doesn’t even own the rights to the sampled material since he signed it over to Warner Bros sometime ago. 50 Cent also emphasizes that he is not commercially exploiting the material since he gave it away free online.

Mr. Poindexter is seeking unspecified statuatory damages in addition to $600,000 in punitive damages plus interest.

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