AHAT 42 Double Homicide sneak preview


Sneak preview video of AHAT 42 Double Homicide featuring Doms, K.O.N., Trigaaah, Grinda, QP, Donnie Menace, Genie, Mic Phenom, Gotti, and Ceas. These battles will begin to be released beginning on December 2. Follow twitter @therealAHAT @od702.

6 Responses to AHAT 42 Double Homicide sneak preview

  1. tyrone619 says:

    the production looks better now

  2. kraykray says:

    looks like fire battles

  3. californIE says:

    niggaz iz gettin active

  4. zonedout says:

    looks sick hurry up n post da battles

  5. nike909 says:

    cant wait to see thebattles

  6. these battles were sick s/o to every mc that showed up to battle

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