AHAT kicks out Sin City Nyce for stealing bars


An executive decision was made by all the presidents in AHAT to kick Sin City Nyce out of AHAT for stealing bars.

7 Responses to AHAT kicks out Sin City Nyce for stealing bars

  1. snithn wesson says:

    Nigga you still here? go get od some coffie damm

  2. dezzyk says:

    aaah haaa loser…

  3. Nyce Gutta says:

    Lol. OK.

  4. snithn wesson says:

    the should ban you from posting on the web

  5. Nyce Gutta says:

    Yo. I respect y’all decision. Like I said it was a bad one time move on my end so I respect the consequences and any critism behind it. I still got other battles lined up and gon show y’all I still got my own crazy bars. This is the new beginning for me. Shoutout to Ahat for even giving me the opportunity.

  6. Underground says:

    You guys definitely put on a good show. If you address the sin city oprah line.. then you need to re-address rachit getting back in the league after he lost to yung gicasso on an elimination battle. At least if you are as honorable as you are putting on. Nobody forgot how you swept that under the rug. The dude lost to yung gicasso, there is no resurfacing after that. For any body to lose to yung gicasso should go back to the shogun days and ram a knife in their stomach and twist it followed by getting their head chopped off. Matter of fact i change that, make it a wooden or bamboo sword so that its harder to pierce the skin and twist once its in. Making the pain a thousand times worse.

    Not that i’m defending sin city, but the guy has talent and to be honest ahat. You need it!!! Its clear you are running out of that lyricism and good entertainment. Danny and spartacus are the only ones i can say have added to the lyricism pool of ahat.

  7. Hellrazor says:

    How about yall start kicking some of these scrubs out!!!!…Ahat was an up and coming league years ago…and since yall posting a PSA video, the next one should start like this “Yo this OD, and due to the outrage by the fans especially Hellrazor (hahahaha),We are dropping the talent-less bottom tier battlers…DeezyK,Young Pop, Shi Dog and anyone that has CHOKED so badly in a battle that we they were disgraceful to the league”…..but really don’t kick him out permanently cause i just heard C.B dropped that Oprah line in that last battle HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….

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