AHAT announces 16 man tournament “AHAT Season 1”


AHAT announces “AHAT Season 1” which is a 16 man tournament with a grand prize of $2000. The tournament will begin in July and conclude at the 2016 AHAT Convention. Participants in AHAT Season 1 will consist of four mc’s from Las Vegas, Cali, and Washington while Texas and Utah will have two participants. Due to logistics AHAT South will not participate in this years tourney but will be included in Season 2. More details coming soon.

2 Responses to AHAT announces 16 man tournament “AHAT Season 1”

  1. Rome206 says:

    Washington takin this

  2. Al Hobes says:

    No south?? Ehh not interested! I’ll be checking next year though!

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