AHAT & Battle America update (Artisan – T-Rex)


As you may already know Artisan – T-Rex is the battle from Feb 17 that is going up on the AHAT channel. We have been waiting to receive critical footage from Battle America. I received the footage yesterday and I viewed the footage for the first time today. After viewing the footage I noticed that 1/2 of Artisan’s round was missing. So I called up Battle America & asked them what was up. There response was that since Artisan went over the agreed upon time limit which was 3 & 1/2 minutes its not fair to put up anything over the time limit. I personally would like for all the fans to see the battle in its entirety. But it is out of my hands since they have the missing footage. A lot of people who were at the event felt like T-Rex got bodied & maybe this is why they dont want the entire footage to be shown. I do understand their point about the time limit but I know ya’ll would love that missing footage & after all the fans are who we do all this for. If you want them to release the entire footage hit them up on Twitter @IHATETREX @SenecaDaProduct tell them @od702 sent ya ha.


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  1. 36 says:

    Why is everyone trippin on OD.??? Shit’s not even this fuckin serious, you guys sound like a buncha kids smh.!

  2. Release da damn battle says:

    Just release the damn battle. The agreement was 3.5 minutes and if Arti went over, it dont count anyways. Quit trying to do shady business and do T Rex dirty on some bias shit. Be professional for god sakes. Let the bars speak for itself. If you so confident for your emcees, then Arti’s 3.5 minutes should be enough. Quit with this extra shit. IF AHAT IS SO GOOD, THEN WHY DO THEY NEED AN EXTRA 5.5 MINUTES TO RAP? T Rex already got a disadvantage from the BIAS crowd, now you people need an extra bars that was OVER THE LIMIT TO WIN? Fair is fair now release the battle and let the fans decide if your mans is good enough to win on FAIR TERMS.

  3. LaVerdas says:

    Respect for owning up to it.

  4. OD says:

    u cant cheap in a promo battle its not even judged. it was a joke, in retrospect a bad joke, but of course they cut the part with me laughing after I said it but u can still see me laughing a lil bit. But I own every word I said. anybody that don’t like it oh well, to each is own.

  5. LaVerdas says:

    What’s good w/the footage of you asking the crowd to cheat for ya mans??

    “Cheat ya ass off”

    That ain’t Hip-Hop.

  6. nino says:

    od at least let us know the results

  7. Ben Walker says:

    Yea i bet Artisan did trash him… thats the only logical explanation of them cutting half of craft. What website will the K-Shine battle be dropping on?

  8. Black jesus says:

    Man it wasmore than Artisan and T rex battling at Battle America. whats up with those battles? I want to see the Artisan battle as much as all the rest. #Put up the battles!!

  9. fredex says:

    thats some sucka shit on their part, its just a battle damn, if rex went over the time limit i highly doubt they wouldve cut it smfh. OD dont let them bully u, get that footage, artie didnt spit that shit for it to end up in the trash bin.

  10. Cstarz says:

    Just post the other battles first and save this one for last that’ll give you more time to get the situation sorted out..

  11. OD says:

    Arty spit about 9 minutes

  12. mamba_regime says:

    Funny u said that cuz thats what I was just thinking to myself. “All these blogs AHAT been droppin over nothing, and now OD got a legit topic he aint dropping one”. The vid gonna do numbers regardless, and sooner or later the full footage we’ll be seen. My only question is how much longer did Arti go..that would make the battle go from a toss up to a bodybag? Its gotta be a few minutes at least, cuz I cant see just a few bars making that much of a difference.

    Good looking on bringing Keion back btw! Now get E-Major or CB a new victim (Pop Culture??) and lets get the new school “AHAT” going strong!

  13. OD says:

    The purpose of the post was to let you guys know about the footage so when it drops & Artisan’s round is noticeably cut short you guys will know why & won’t complain to me. Im not trippin about them not releasing the footage, I would prefer they did release it but its not a big deal. You guys still dont know the whole story, I might drop a blog to let the whole story be known, I would of told all of it in the blog above but its too long to type ha.

  14. mamba_regime says:

    My bad for assuming you set the time limits ..but the fact still remains. BA on a helluva run right now..you mad but if you was in Seneca’s position you’d do the same thing if your top dude got toasted in OT bars. We aint 4got the King Lo vs Arti fight footage (you hesitated to release)…or….(cough) you tryna talk the judges into not giving Nov the W in your 2million views battle you always bring up. Air the footage an get over it..all these battlers you tweeting aint ‘With You’…they just “Against Rex”!

  15. I Am So SupeR says:

    OD Can i just have A ruff estimate when the Battle is going up or are you gonna wait for the full footage ???

  16. OD says:

    smh at anybody who thought I set the time limit. They set the time limit cuz T-Rex was battling twice & cuz he probably would have wanted more money to go longer.

  17. I Am So SupeR says:


  18. mamba_regime says:

    You in a cant win situation OD. Lets say Arti did Spaz and win..you said it yourself he went over the time limits (which im gonna assume you set and is your fault, since BA does 1rd unlimiteds). Obviously Seneca aint gonna let you show footage that shows his top battler getting beat specially if it was after an agreed upon time. Going on some twitter war aint gonna do anything but make you look small. Drop the battle, get the views, than make a deal with BA to release the whole thing after the fact (isnt that what u did with Lo vs Arti btw? release the unedited version with the pushing and shoving later?). Be realistic.. your league and your fan support aint strong enough for a twitter campaign (sorry truth hurts)….look at yours and your battlers twitter followers for chrissakes…TREX by himself has more than your whole league combined (let alone adding Seneca and Shine).

  19. MRS34N says:

    I had a feeling T-rex got bodied, kid thinks hes hot shit battleing 2 of the best around on the same night, i had a feeling something like this was gonna happen, i actually thought the worst, thinking the footage got lost in transit, or some crap, all bc of t rex getting bodied, at least we got something better than nothing 🙂

  20. I Am So SupeR says:

    Cant wait to see the battle …SuaVe

  21. Yo OD. I think thats crazy that Battle Amerca is fronting on AHAT like that. I thought they stood for true battle rapping if they dont release the full video we know whats up. Shout out to Arty we know what really happened. Big ups to AHAT the best battle league on the planet!

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