AHAT radio contest


OD & Fatz announce the first AHAT radio contest. MC’s will create a drop for OD’s radio show and upload the track on Youtube. We will post the videos on the AHAT website (www.ahat.tv) and viewers will pick the winner. The drop should only be about 30-45 seconds. Keys points to mention in the drop are: KCEP Power 88, 88.1 fm, soul school station, omar starr from your stereo to your car, saturdays 6-8pm. The winner will get their drop played at the beginning of OD’s radio show and they will also win $100.

Artisan’s drop for the contest

3 Responses to AHAT radio contest

  1. jefff says:

    A OD is the k shine and nov battle comin out any time soon or not or donnie and t rex let us know

  2. OD says:

    the beat is from meek millz im a boss

  3. chrisuk says:

    arti using one of nu breeds beats for his drop??

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