4 Responses to AHAT Tryout #2 (POP CULTURE)

  1. west coast gangstaz says:

    Pop will eat ur ass up…get the fuck off this shit ur probably one of the worst mc wanna be out there….do ur self a favor nd jump in front of a car!!! WC

  2. BWR says:

    Yeah to b honest this one and the Hater one i made fast, i like the one i did on fatz better, but honestly these were all quick writes, i didnt even think OD would see em ever, and then i got excited and pumped these out fast just for buzz, I’m bout to work on one this weekend and make it straight fire. I’m more a songwriter but Ive beefed alot so i like to battle specifically. I’m a BEAST just dont show my teeth always

  3. skyler says:

    bro if you go to vegas you better be droppin some good shit. talk a little louder too

  4. Now that i know OD will post my videos im gonna try to impress yall wit this shit. i tried on Fatz, This one i really did just write for 5 minutes and spit it, shit, i was reading it in the damn video. YOU GON SEE ME AHAT I PROMISE!!!!

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