7 Responses to AHAT Tryout #4 [REFRACTOR]

  1. i meant to say ‘make’ dude, one new thing is i dont care anymore, i KNOW i suck alot at alot of things, but i am a fire lyricist and battler and i go direct and specific not random white jokes or things ive heard, im learning, i listen to every word u say and u will see me do everything in my next video with that in mind. 100% i really do appreciate u just not calling me fag thats real. -BWR/G

  2. skyler says:

    you must be kidding when you say “bitch this is real as it gets only fake cant see”… and again, IN AHAT ALONE the white guys got you killed with delivery, lyrics, and style, all you got is hype from your damn self, your NOT going to vegas and your NOT the “BWR” just stop wasteing time man and stop having OD put up these shitty videos that i cant even get through fully without hittin the back button.

    oh and your wrote male instead of “mail”, is that your gay leakin through?

  3. idgaf what u or anybody say i dont care ima male the stupidest vids w the wackest delivery and the tightest fuckin lyrics flow voice pattern and passion till all u haters form a perfect me. bout time i got feedback i dont talk shit to nobody i am 100% me in person coolest fuckin dude around, just became him, and im not gonna stop dont NOBODY NOT LOVE ME!!!! But i do go beast in battles thats the nature of the game. Holla at WFHH for the cotton candy nice guy shit bitch this is real as it gets only fake cant see../ BWR in time i KNOW i aint shown it yet fuckers

  4. skyler says:

    your not even good dude, and as far as (bestwhiterapper) not even close. hope you like making gay ass rap vids because thats all your going to do. and from what ive seen you would have gotten ripped up by any of the ahat rappers you have rapped about.

    oh and i dont think they would jump you, you look like a backhand would put you to sleep..

  5. iDC what yall say ill come out there and all yall can jump me, when you’re DONE, can we get back to rap??? I’m goin hard for mine idgaf no more yall every day ima do this, HOLLA

    and who expects a battle to be non threatening or pleasant? I’m goin at the ones i know i prob wont battle so i dont waste lines, ill destroy the guys in it now i like old AHAT thats why im comin for my spot

  6. Vegas says:

    Wtf??this dude wack..lol

  7. Fuck U...... says:

    Fuck U nigga Keep this shit up and you’ll get jumped…….WTF Nigga Start’n BEEf with refractor

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