AHAT Utah NEXT | JayP vs Crewz


3 Responses to AHAT Utah NEXT | JayP vs Crewz

  1. Marlon says:

    wasnt feelin this – peach

  2. underground says:

    The sponsors must really hate R&B The Emcee. To send him up to utah for this GARBAGE Battle. I totally agree with Hellrazors comment he hit the nail on the head. Donnie, Doms, don’t really care for k.o.n and the new fatz are your best entertaining battlers. They seem to be the ones who have not completely fallin off.

    I get that you guys are trying to expand for money, ratings and views but this shows you are not ready!

  3. Hellrazor says:

    OD!!!..This is what i am talking about!!!….this was awfulllll..you GOT this dude choking pretty much the whole damn round.i just dont get it..you think you would care about the ahat product but i guess not…you go these people who dont seem to be ready and its hurting ahat BAD!!!1..IM NOT HATER cause i love donnie menace…K.O.N..DOMS..FATZ..i know yall tryin to get new talent but DAMN!!

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