AHAT Utah Rap Battle | JAY SCOTT (18 YR. OLD) vs SUSPECT


***Vegas vs Utah***Bars vs Jokes***Super Blog Team vs ILL Fede
close to 200 people at “The Project” in downtown Salt Lake City Utah as Jay Scott (@JayScottVegas) representing Las Vegas Nevada contests the home turf of Suspect (@YesImARapper) at the Verbal Assault event on August 31 2013. Jay Scott is one of the Youngest battle rappers in the world at only 18 years of age and has quickly leaped to the top of everyones rising stars list and is a proud representative of AHAT Vegas battle squad Super Blog Team. Suspect is an established battle MC. As a college student at UNLV, Jay Scott brought intellectual writing techniques, an original and rhythmic cadence, along with hard hitting bars and punchlines as Suspect used a multi-syllable, lyrical, and humorous angle in this battle.Tensions were high in the audience as both artists implemented racially oriented content in the classical black vs mexican rivalry that has been engulfed into American Society. This matchup is the perfect example of the battle debate of Bars vs Jokes and a definite clash of styles as Jay Scott personifying a New Age hipster style and Suspect using a preachers robe as a attention grabbing antic to interact with the audience and verse, adding to the over all entertainment value.

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