Arsonal vs T Rex battle altercation


One Response to Arsonal vs T Rex battle altercation

  1. OD..I Fuccs with AHAT.I can’t even remember when I started watching yall battles its been so long.I coulda got you better footage than this.quality and sound.During arsonals verse one of his people put his fist at mooks chin and says”ill brake ya Fu**in jaw”.They eventually calmed the situation and continued.
    Put the whole Fatz battle up..I kno you and syrup teamed up for sumthin but we fans already saw how Fatz could put AHAT on a higher ranking level,an example:Philly Swain.
    People want that Nov vs K-Shine to drop too.(I can’t wait to see that one myself)
    Big Props to you OD,and all the Rappers in ya league for makin AHAT what it is.I know u plannin sumthin.
    A tell K1ng Lo to hop bac in the ring.maybe vs another GrindTime?=$ Haha

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