Battle America presents Nov vs K-Shine


AHAT’s Nov vs URL’s K Shine

11 Responses to Battle America presents Nov vs K-Shine

  1. HH19 says:

    tht was no fuckin contest k shine just yelled and moved fast to look intimidating but if u listen tht clowns bars were weak as fuck and novs bars were all good anybody who says different doesnt know anythng about rap

  2. cachetez says:

    nov all the way k didnt go long y cuz he didnt had more barz !!

  3. Locash says:

    Just cause I am curious. What lines were harder that K-shine had? I have been trying to figure that out. I have watched this vid about 7 times trying to figure out how people are voting for K-shine. Other than the Houston and the first down lines what other punchline was dope? I would really like to know.. Secondly I keep hearing people talking about time but I don’t remember hearing a time limit. Nov rapped for 7:17 and Shine rapped for 4:13 and he could have went for more but he ran out bars.

  4. Dre805 says:

    Yo nov did his thang but real talk them niggas didnt even go the same time limit the only reason people say nov won is cuz he had more time for barz nigga. Kshine came with more harder punchlines but i think this should be a rematch with a 3 round 2 3 min and 1 130 round. Kshine took that tho

  5. mike says:

    k shine won

  6. LoCasH says:

    K-Shine came all the way to Vegas with that bullshit!!! It would have been better to see Nov vs Rex. I like shine but that shit was garbage. In all that rambling he had 2 hot bars. He did not even make it hard for Nov. Man, Nov by a landslide.

  7. mamba says:

    Nov chokes in all his biggest battles (Fatz 1-3,Menace, K-Shine)…he got that Lebron DNA in him. K-shine came half assed and still bodied him.

  8. KillaZ says:

    Nov went for like 3x as long as K

  9. Milla Tyme says:

    Easy battle for Nov. He didnt even have to go ham to eat K- shine. Great battle nov. K shine needed to come harder.

  10. NINO says:

    nicw batlle k shine won that one

  11. Donald says:

    come on now that was weak i like Nov and all and i did like k-shine but this battle was weak. i seen Nov go ham but not this one or the last one with fatz. i gave it to Nov. but step it up Nov.

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