Battle Rap Recap by La$y Lu (song)


La$y Lu drops this recap joint of the 2012 year in battle rap. He mentions AHAT, URL, KOTD, Battle America, Math Hoffa, T Rex, Mook, Serius Jones, John John Da Don, JC, Chilla Jones, Nov, Artisan, Fatz, Philly Swain, Big Kannon, M Ciddy, Daylyt and more.

10 Responses to Battle Rap Recap by La$y Lu (song)

  1. agree, green

  2. Great Recap (RED)

  3. dezzyk says:

    my comment is meant 4 whoever you are…

  4. dezzyk says:

    1st off im glad you spoke up… no im not…
    your not bein professional dumb nigga…
    im black your fuccn up my culture…

  5. a Rap-Up for battle rap…i likes that

  6. DumbNigga says:

    Dezzy k need to learn about being professional is. he will go no were acting like a thug in the music industry. Clean your act up son show little more professionalism in your blogs ppl might take you serious. You are the joke of ahat amazing OD hasnt thrown you out for making comments about shooting ppl in the head and killing. Stay under that little rock you crawled under from and dont mess with the real mcs that are trying to make a music career out of AHAT platform

  7. swaggadigitalmagazine says:

    nice – yellow

  8. dezzyk says:

    arty ar you did your shit fooly lol…

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