article: Trigaaah vs. Chris Black: Squeeze the Trigaaah for a Body


Trigaaah Chris Black

Some of you might argue that this battle isn’t quality due to Chris Black’s lack of performance. I would wholeheartedly disagree with you. Sometimes, quality comes from the flaws we see in the ring.

It looks like this was one of Black’s first battles and though one could argue about the matchup, placing a rookie against a seasoned vet can give the former an organic wake up call: Prepare your barz or die. Ironically, Black exhibited some heavyweight barz but he lacked, or even underestimated the climate and intensity of a battle.

Trigaaah, on the other hand, had one of his better performances I’ve seen from him in awhile. And yes, even though the CMT squad overhyped some barz, Trigaaah had a plethora of solid barz in this matchup topped off with money ball barz that consistently landed effectively.

Let’s face it: Trigaaah has consistently been one of the best performers in the culture. What we’ve always looked for from him is better barz…READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

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