Cali Smoov talks battle rap | Nov & Juice diss


5 Responses to Cali Smoov talks battle rap | Nov & Juice diss

  1. dezzyk says:

    ayo cali i like that we a get it in no doubt…
    lets set that shit up…

  2. Cali Smoov says:

    ill battle you for $200 in may . u wit it?

  3. TRU says:

    Whuahahahaah dah chump you mean but champ hell naaaaah you gotta do alot more then these wack battles you had and for dah record Nov will kill you easy and alot more rappers on ahat will kill you Truk Dah Wurl

  4. dezzyk says:

    this guy…
    i c how you feel but i disagree….
    battle nov since juice weak….
    #your not a champ cali….
    ima keep it ppl friendly so dont get mad…

    just keep rappin or dancing cuz i can body u easily no bull…

  5. trapfornia says:

    Yea Cali is better than Nov & juice

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