Child’s Birthday Party Goes South When Parents Brawl It Out


A massive brawl erupted at a child’s birthday party in North Royalton, Ohio, and the participants weren’t the kids, but the adults.

Surveillance video shows a heated argument escalate into pushing and shoving, then punches are thrown. The altercation occurred at the Jump Yard on Saturday night.

“I think there was some disagreement about who should be invited, and who should not be invited,” North Royalton Police Detective David Loeding said.

The trouble all began when a couple who was at the party returned after discovering the tires on their car had been slashed. Instead of alerting police, the couple confronted the people they believed perpetrated the act.

At one point, staff members pulled children to safety while the parents continued to fight.

Eventually, Jump Yard staff and family members were able to break up the fight and the police were called.

Police say there were no serious injuries, but two arrests were made.

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