Danny Myers ”Bars From Mars” Week 50 ( Deezy K Diss)


Danny Myers speaks on P Muny battle. He also discusses possible battle with Rachit and he disses Dezzyk. Then he spits some bars.

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5 Responses to Danny Myers ”Bars From Mars” Week 50 ( Deezy K Diss)

  1. mrdaveyd says:

    cool I feel this (brown)

  2. danny myers says:

    thanks for your opinion. if it takes 10 more years of bars ill keep doing it to get better. maybe by then at leasat 1 person will think im dope.

  3. heating up, green

  4. Meiqua says:

    Nice… watchme

  5. Hellrazor says:

    Week 50!!..geez!!! almost a year of worthless bars..you would think as the weeks went by someone would get better buttttt nope…maybe next year..Bars from Earth Week 1..i say earth because for your bars to be from mars your lyrics have to be on a different level

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