Danny Myers examines personals in battle rap


On December 17, 2014 Danny Myers posted the following on his Facebook account regarding personals in battle rap:

Battle rap used to be about 2 MCS out rapping each other and being very creative with the lyricism, punchlines, wit, and wordplay. Dissing has always been a part of the sport, and infact is an integral aspect of the culture. After all, the point of battling is to not only out smart your opponent, but also make him/her look and feel stupid as fuck, totally insulted and embarassed. It started with talking about their clothing and bummy shoes and girlfriends being fat/ugly, etc. As time passed however, the insults became more disrespectful, more savage, and more…. personal. Yes personals! The level of disrespect has gotten so far that “Personals” have officially become a category in battle rap! Arsonal is one of the pioneers in bringing disrespect into the modern era. Yet some have gone steps further and have often “Crossed the line”. But where is the line? Is it bringing up children? sick relatives? Personal health statuses? The deceased? This answer will definitely differ from person to person and therein lies the problem. There is too much grey area to distinguish what exactly crossing the line means. Let’s use the MMA for example shall we? Here you have a sport where the object is to overcome your opponent using various sets of skills, a sport where blood is shed, bones are broken, and all sorts of other serious injuries are the norm. You can not however, bite, eye gouge, nut punch/grab, stick a finger into an ear drum, among other “Off Limit” tactics. As brutal as MMA may be…there is a line. Perhaps these are 2 totally diffrent dynamics and my example may be off, there is still an underlying common theme between the 2 sports. Beat your opponent, but as honorably as possible. Let’s say rapper A is up 2 rounds to 0 on rapper B. Battle is pretty much over right? Well what if rapper B pulls out a picture of rapper A in bed with another man? Crowd goes wild, rapper A can not defend himself, battle is done. Possibly career ended. Rapper B “wins”. Right or wrong? Technically rapper B wins with a knockout blow personal, but was losing in the “Skill” category. Is this win honorable? Or simply a case of there are no rules, anything goes? Do you as a fan feel rapper B was wrong or hey…it’s a battle, no holds barred. What if someone’s kid sister is actually dying of cancer in a children’s hospital and his opponent brings it up as an angle and wins? Is this acceptable? Again I ask you….where is the line? In my opinion, it is often the less skilled Mc who relies on personals for entire battles to win or keep up due to their lack of creativity. Nothing wrong with personals I assure you, but how far is too far? Fights or worse can be the result of such personals, and league owners risk losing venues and money and sponsors when violence occurs during rap battles, but if there is no line, then all is fair right? Or wrong?

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Danny Myers

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  1. Im not a battle rapper….but I feel if u are a battle rapper then u shouldnt take anything offensive when it comes to personals… everybody get n they feelings but every battle ive seen..all I heard was disrespect from each opponent…racism though, fuck all that.. thats gettin way to close to home!!!! LMAO TALK THAT SHIT!!!! FREE JUICE CMTF

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