Danny Myers recap of Dizaster vs Cassidy battle


Taken from Danny Myers post in the AHAT Facebook group:

Dizaster Cassidy near classic!!! Cass 2-1. Dizasters 1st was incredible! Cass 1st was cold! Debatable round but still edged diz. 2nd rd diz does rebuttals, some dope multis,landed some crazy haymakers, but took too much time on the ar ab angle. Dope rd. Cassidy 2nd comes out swinging landing punch after punch, then imitated dizs style to perfection, crowd goes wild, wins rd. Rd 3, Dizaster comes out with more rebuttals that dont land, once again ar ab angle, freestyles, and not enough punches, loses rd by default. 3rd rd, Cassidy is in rare form. Punching repeatedly until it was clear that he is back, and can compete in this arena. I’m KrackCity all day and diz is my homie, but I’m never biased. Still a near classic overall. Now I got to kill this nigga. His punches have to be countered with punches. I’m the man for the job.

dannys recap dizvscass

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  1. I’d like to see cassidy vs danny Myers ASAP

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