Dalyt speaks on his battle with Interstate FATZ


5 Responses to Dalyt speaks on his battle with Interstate FATZ

  1. jeff says:

    he’s scared of fatz energy, he’s tryna get fatz to write his shit differently. we’ll see what happens. depends on how many ppl fatz has with him.

  2. Is that a tattoo on his face??–pink

  3. Taz says:

    Fatz if you are reading this comment I hope you bring some hard bars and I would do it at different angles that way each round he will have no clue what that round is going to do to him. I am a fan of yours Fatz but I would hate to see him walk away unless it was the 3 rd round and he is just embarrassed on how bad he was ate. No hate at either MC. I just want to see MC go at it and know they gave it there all and walked away with pride because they did what they could. Period and point blank.

  4. Meiqua says:

    Interesting… watchme

  5. @Est_Wood77 says:

    daylyt better no sleep on FATZ phily did that and you see what happen

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