Daylyt Addresses Allegations That Math Was Set Up


In this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes, Daylyt addressed the many rumors that Math Hoffa was set up by Dizaster and his affiliates, following the KOTD fight between Math and Dizaster at BOLA 5.

Daylyt specifically addressed the video released by 100 Bars Magazine that showed Daylyt, Dizaster, and their Krack City crew warning Math Hoffa that “it can go there” if he acts up during the battle vs. Diz. Daylyt stated clearly that nobody set up Math Hoffa, and that he honestly didn’t even expect Dizaster to swing first.

According to Daylyt, he and Dizaster’s boys were expecting Hoffa to make a move, and if he did, they would set it up to have them fight 1-on-1. Obviously, things didn’t play out that way

daylyt set up math hoffa

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