Dezzyk goonie VISION AHAT business


2 Responses to Dezzyk goonie VISION AHAT business

  1. dezzyk says:

    I hear you… I don’t act hard??? Though… The stuff I do on camera is much
    More creative an I’m more interesting… You all are coo at what you do
    But if you become an opponent expect war…#thisISmyArtForm

  2. Man Deezy your a funny dude honestly I don’t have a problem with you CB or Shidog I just don’t like Pop! Me and Scheme are both from San Bernardino that’s home! My Fam is still there! I just don’t like the way he carries himself he is fake and has a certain bitchassness too him! If that’s your boy though okay speak your mind be real don’t front ! with us what you see is what you get when have you seen me acting hard on cam we dont! everything we do is different and new not us sitting around a table smoking calling everybody bitches in low quailty video that is the opposite of creative! bring something to the table But don’t Hate just for the love of hating that’s just gonna move the target over to you ! Give Respect you Get Respect! That’s why my Team is so strong!

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