Dezzyk vs Sonic Soundwaveus | rap battle


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  1. Shout out to my ahat cali heads Shi Dog big Diesel Sonic Soundwaveus and CaliBoy Smoove for coming out and chopping it up showing love all the way around! Welcome to the Family keep bringing that shit and raising the bar and making the team Stronger! See y’all in Cali next month to do it again! Bring them Bars!

  2. yung pop says:

    hahahah how u gonna say hip hop is about non violence then say somebody is gonna dose me hahahah i talk shit so what get n da ring get sum barz and shut me up dont b a pussy like someone is gonna dose me if its not u shut tha fuck up and guess what i won fights and i lost them even if i lose a fight i will still b talkin shit u kno y bcuz i dont give a fuck yes it is cali vs lv its cali vs everybody stop trying to act like u friends wit tha homiez we dont fuck wit yall ….4 the record i fucks wit danny Meyers i just dont like u 2 u 4rm cali but rep vegas its not where u 4rm its where u at so rep vegas dont try to play both sides of the fence i got my connectionsi just choose not to utilize them bcuz i just make my own path i came in wit out yall so y would i need u now

  3. dezzyk says:

    im not gonna intervene…
    rap beef nigga lmao…
    watch you some boondocks…
    im not a bully i just bully bacc…

  4. Dezzky will you please tell This kid that me scheme and Danny are AHAT Cali born and raised Dezzky I know your from my City I know CB is from my neighborhood I respect your guys grind and music along with everybody out there that’s been keeping it real like Diesel and Shi Dog my team has no problem with any of you guys you keep it rap and you keep it entertaining! I respect that! At the end of the day battle Rap is a business that builds you connections gains you exposure and respect among your peers what he does is creates a cancer that does give him exposure but kills his connection and respect! Someone is eventually going to Dose him don’t be associate with that he expects to talk as much shit as he wants then hide behind AHAT cali to save him when he gets too deep! Don’t look at it as us against you cuz it’s not! Hip hop battles whether its breaking rapping graffiti or Dj the battle was to prevent violence! So when AHAT Cali or Utah or Texas come to Vegas we are gonna show that love party and drink till someone does a Dezzky vs Sparty lol as for your Boy we will see him on Saturday!

  5. dezzyk says:

    Clearly a body there’s no votes lol I shredded

  6. yung pop says:

    my boi dezzyk killed dat nigga ahat cali is something the superfag blog team has got to deal wit all they fabricared lines aint gon equal up to dis cali real shit

  7. Best performance from Dezzky yet! 3-0 body bag !

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