Write Juice while he is incarcerated


Juice is currently serving a multi-year prison sentence tentatively scheduled to be released sometime in 2017. Use the information below to write him while he is in prison.

Jonte Sanders – AV9133
NKSP B6-B-253
PO Box 4999
Delano CA 93216


4 Responses to Write Juice while he is incarcerated

  1. Jack Snead says:

    Free juice he’s a good rapper and cool dude I enjoy his his battles

  2. Free juice cmtf

  3. Goldie says:

    Hope you get out soon

  4. George says:

    U don’t know me but my name Krazy George from Texas. Constantly seeing people locked up is making me reach out to people I don’t know, because I know that’s if anything all that people want when they don’t have anything. Jus keep it real n watch ya back.

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