Check out two of the rising stars of AHAT Utah as they battle on the Tru One Rejoiced Event held in Salt Lake City Utah Dec. 6th at Ginos Bar as the entire league celebrated the life and Legacy of Andrew Tru One Young

5 Responses to Rap Battle: PYRO vs LEVIATHAN

  1. Anonymous says:

    “bitch niga this…. bitch niga that….” pyros lyrics SUCK he sounds flat ,has his boys running the host camera etc…( says bitch this mother fucker ,fag,nigha dick a bunch weak worded SHIT that I would like to see him back up with fists …he also said fuck you white boy .. closet RACIST? thought he was bitch niga?… ) … also Leviathan should have broke his jaw for talking like he was going to shoot him…..leviathan opens with 3rd verse destroys pyros weak ass Battle! pyro got COOKED! leviathan SPEAKS to the SOUL! he also free styled..PRYO is a freak SHOW lol I can rap too BITCH BITCH BITCH YOU SUCK NIGHA EAT A DICK NIGA BITCH BLAH BLAH guess who I am…….get tha fuck outta here….dumb people

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Awesome job, nephew!

  4. Pyro did win this btw

  5. Its been a while since I’ve seen a Utah battle…this was refreshing to watch. Pyro received a better crowd reaction but I personally liked leviathan’s material.

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