Danny Myers addresses creativity in battle rap


On December 1, 2014 on Facebook Danny Myers wrote the following:

As writers, we mcs sometimes come up with lines that are risky due to how obscure certain references may be. Personally, I know how to rap “For the crowd”, meaning I’ll give them the daily dose of gun bars, street talk, drug rap, fuckin your girl, rob a nigga, etc. These bars are most likely to get crowd reaction because these references are easily relatable to the average “Hood nigga”, it’s kind of a “Give em what they wanna hear” approach. But then sometimes, us artist have to rap “For ourselves”. Meaning, coming up with new bars that aren’t of the typical variety, and this is where fans hear me bring up Sumerians, Bilderbergs, time travel, teleportation, biblical references, Olmec civilization, String theory, quantum physics, Zeta Reticuli, Stanley Kubrick, and a million other bars that are deemed “Corny”, “Nerdy”. These bars fly over 90% of the audiences heads (especially live) and usually get little to no reaction. However, there is a small niche of people that will instantly catch the bar and say “yoooo! This guy is a genius!” And for me, as long as 1 person caught that obscure line, it’s more satisfying than an entire building erupting over a clever gunline. The freedom that writing gives us can not be fully enjoyed if we are stuck writing about the same thing all the time. There are 1 million battle rappers, and we are all saying the same things over and over. Eventually fans will get tired of the gun bars and demand more creativity out of us mcs. Rakim, Nas, KRS, 2pac, pushed the boundaries and took the rhyme places it hadn’t gone yet, and we as battlers should also try to push ourselves creatively or the art form will become stagnant and die out. Be daring. Say something new. Sometimes these bars are sacrifices, and may cost you the round, or the entire battle, but as long as someone saw where you were going, it wasn’t it vain. Sometimes you gotta say fuck it and write from the heart. I’m bout to start doing some new shit in battle rap. As many people that say those type of bars are whack, there are just as many fans that will love those lines! Battle rap fans are just as diverse as any other market in entertainment and shouldn’t be subjected to hearing the same shit over and over. Writers such as myself, Lux, Daylyt, Gjonaj, among a few others, actively take the rhyme elsewhere whether fans catch it or not. Yall gotta open up your minds and be willing to hear some “Smart” shit every now and then! Time to hit the laboratory and experiment with new creations! See yall soon!

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  1. Yea ï totally agree with danny on all this. A lot of people don’t even realize it is a form of art..smh. just simply using your imagination can take u far… reminds me of that blog danny myers came back wit @ averb LOL that was a very unique way of gettin across what u tryna say using no words!! Very creative. Good job danny. We all can’t b the same or we stuck n the same spot. There’s levels to this shit lol

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