Domestic Violence Rap Battle: AHAT CALI / #deathcertificates 1st LADY FEMCEE STAR SO Finesse vs King Hushhush ( AHAT WA)


AHAT has been known for being the pioneers of many intricate and monumental aspects of the battle rap industry and culture including male vs female match ups which have always been a fan favorite and compelling for the viewers.

DV stands for Domestic Violence or when a male battles a female. Femcee is the newest nick name for in battle rap for respected top tier female battle artists. AHAT Cali Femcee / battle rap star, So Finesse is the offical first lady of the infamous #deathcertificates Battle Rap Group which consists of many top tier West Coast elites like Danny Myers, Daylyt, Dizaster, Dre Vishiss, Aktive, Beazt Gatlin, Kidd Clutch, and more.

She came with a ton of bars and finessed her performance as her opponent King Hushhush is an AHAT Washington league executive. He came with hay makers of good angles, humor, and disrespectful content. This is definitely a great battle to watch.

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