AHAT presents Patron vs Drako


Washington battle rap vet Patron takes on up and coming Drako in this AHAT Washington event hosted by Young Nate, Stuey Newton, and Rome.

9 Responses to AHAT presents Patron vs Drako

  1. Darek Read says:

    When’s the next tryouts I’m from Tacoma looking to start battling

  2. SeahawkMrNative 360 says:

    great battle patron 2_1

  3. F2f!! says:

    These niggas nicw wit it

  4. F2f!! says:

    Drako 2-1

  5. StuartStautusStylez tripleS says:

    Patron 2-1 . Drako had some heat tho

  6. StuartStautusStylez tripleS says:

    Wow Drako 2-1 but patron came fighting vet style

  7. StuartStautusStylez tripleS says:

    Replay value like a MF!!

  8. Reggie415 says:


  9. TongPo says:


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