HIPHOPDX reports DIZASTER will give MATH HOFFA a “FARE FADE”. has offered 10k for a 5 rd. MATH HOFFA vs DIZASTER boxing match #dizvsmath10k


Dizaster Reps The West Coast

Dizaster hints at a possible PPV fight against Math Hoffa on Twitter.

With their battle at the BOLA 5 event ending with Dizaster punching Math Hoffa, the California rapper alluded to a possible “1on1” ring match to settle the feud. Separately, founder of the battle rap site AHAT.TV offered the rappers $5,000 each to participate in a five round boxing match to be held in Texas or Las Vegas.

While it’s unclear if the AHAT.TV offer would be viewable online, Dizaster suggested a match to be held “in a ring octagon shit and then squash it on ppv.”

#dizvsmath10k World top tier battle MC “Dizaster” responds to the negative backlash from the battle rap community, his Krack City brothers, and the fans by agreeing to giving Math Hoffa a “Fare One” or “FADE” one on one organized BOXING or MMA fight for respect and to save the battle rap culture, mending the ever growing tension and unrest between East vs West that has arisen since the fight that occurred this past weekend at the KOTD #BOLA4 Event. Many East Coast fans feel as if one of their own brothers in MATH HOFFA was set up and put in harms way and the delegates of West Coast battle rap should have ensured their representatives safety and security as the East Coast leagues have reciprocated for the West Coast MC’s during the emergence of West Coast battle rap in 2013-2014.

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