DNA Responds to Lotta Zay Saying He’s Bottom 5


DNA sat down with VladTV Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes to discuss fellow battler Lotta Zay naming him in his Bottom 5 worst battle rappers list. DNA respected Lotta’s opinion, but he defended his image by comparing his Battle Rap career to Lotta Zay’s. DNA pointed out that he and Zay entered the competitive sport of Battle Rap in the same month years ago, and continued to address the differences in terms of the recognition they’ve both received for their work. DNA painted an image that he has far surpassed Lotta Zay in terms of international popularity and Battle Rap credibility, and he feels as though the path that each of their careers has taken speaks for itself.

He transitioned to address the topic of top tier battlers acting like “divas” in many cases and refusing to battle certain rising MCs for a legitimate reason. DNA explained that there is no special treatment in Battle Rap and that every single competitor is responsible for their own success or lack thereof.

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