Documentary will feature Utah’s 2% Black population


ABC 4 Utah)- A Utah filmmaker plans to shed light on one of the state’s smallest racial groups. Take a look at the numbers, the latest census shows African-Americans make up less than two-percent of Utah’s population. A documentary called “2%” will take a closer look at this group.

The goal is to figure out who makes up this two-percent; where they came from; why stay in Utah with such a small percentage of blacks here. The film’s producer hopes to dispel some of those myths.

“The guy they’ve seen in the grocery store, or the girl walking around and they may have said ‘what is it like for them?’ And this will give them a chance to get that question answered; to know what that experience is like,” said 2% Producer Lonzo Liggins.

Wednesday, was the first planning meeting for the documentary. You’ll recognize some of the people who will be featured in the film. Calvary Baptist Church Pastor France A. Davis who moved to Utah back in the 1970s is best known for his work with civil rights and community service. You’ll also hear from Utah Jazz legend Thurl Bailey. He was drafted by the Jazz in 1983 and after converting to the LDS faith, he now calls Utah home.

“Even though it’s two percent, it’s still a voice; it’s still a history, for African Americans here. There is still a history with African Americans and the Mormon pioneers settling in Salt Lake City,” said Thurl Bailey.

Nadia Crow will also be featured in the documentary as the first black primary weekday anchor in the state of Utah. Filming will start in August and ABC 4 Utah will continue to do stories featuring the documentary in various stages leading up to its premiere.

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