Doms and K.O.N. – Punch Drunk


Doms & K.O.N. of Gauge Fam – Punch Drunk
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3 Responses to Doms and K.O.N. – Punch Drunk

  1. btnh91 says:

    yo good shit guys. im not sure if u guys are friends or get along but you guys should do a track with artisan seeing as ur both doin so well right now with ur music. i dunno just an idea i know i would like to see it. props nice song peace

  2. Big B says:

    Yo, Money that song was hella dope! Keep that shit going homeboyz!

  3. SPOOKY says:

    Hey Doms & K.O.N I just wanted to say great job that this song was dope. Keep up the good work. So, just wanted to drop you some props and keep going even when times get rough.

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