Exclusive! Daylyt Jokes on Math’s Power & Wants to Box Him


Daylyt sat down for another exclusive interview with VladTV, where he spoke in depth about Math Hoffa and Serius Jones fighting at Summer Madness 3, and the aftermath of their physical altercation. Daylyt began the interview with some classic Daylyt comments, joking on Math’s punching power and saying that the punch he hit Serius with was “softer than a baby as*.” He went on to discuss the second altercation that occurred between Math Hoffa and Serius Jones in Miami, although no one knows for sure what exactly went down. Daylyt spoke about how California beef is more lethal than beff in other places, and would potentially result in a life being taken if two individuals who had issues met again.

Daylyt has stated in the past and reaffirmed his statements here, that he wants to step into a boxing ring with Math and fight him, with or without headgear. He also said that since Math and Serius got into a second altercation and it didn’t go past fist-to-fist violence, that they should either squash the beef or step into the boxing ring and solve their issues that way.

If Daylyt and Math ever box, who do you think would win? If Math and Serius ever box, who do you think would win?

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