Fan input needed for new AHAT top 10 ranking


It’s time for a new AHAT top 10 ranking. There have been complaints about the previous top 10 ranking, so this time we want your input. Below is a poll on who you think should select the top 10 ranking. If you select other on the poll leave a comment with who you think should make the selections. Thanks for your assistance.

11 Responses to Fan input needed for new AHAT top 10 ranking

  1. Gerald Guzman says:

    Staff should decide the top 8 then they should do:
    quarterfinals with the winners battling in semifinals where the highest ranked winner battles the lowest ranked winner and the second highest ranked winner battles the third best winner.
    for example
    giving higher ranked mc better chances at the title while still giving top ten mcs fair chances bc anyone could win especially considering they are the top 8
    the champion of this tournament system earns the right to battle the current champ

  2. ANGUS says:

    Don’t let the fans decide.
    A Donnie Menace has a much larger fanbase than someone who’s more new to AHAT for example.
    Letting the fans decide is the biggest BIAS BULLSHIT ever.

    Let either the staff or the MCs decide.
    Everything else is just bullshit. Fuck off with your math and keep it real…#NOBIAS

  3. Joseph Daniel says:

    i think its should be a combo of all of them to determine the top 10

  4. #Kingzip says:

    too many battles yo. mad ppl in ahat

  5. i feel anyone who thinks they deserve to be top ten should be given the chance, for example i think an eliminations competiion to see who makes it to the top. like playoffs or someshit you know. not eliminated from the league but do it by brackets if u win then u battle the next person who won the previous battles resulting in semi finals and etc…the judges should all be un biased experienced battlers who are not from ahat or even ahat fans on youtube. obviously this couldnt all happen inone event but in my opinion if you wanna be called the best you gotta take everyone else out who beleives is the best. HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION will prove who the top 10 should be,

    just my opinion OD obviously there could be some tweaks to my suggestions but i beleive it would be a succesful plan with some a little moe thought into it

  6. #kingzip says:

    Od should do it. he knows whats real.

  7. Syd says:

    I think a combination of the 3 should create the rankings. 50% would come from the fans because without fans this rap battle league wouldnt mean a think. 30% should come from the MC’s because they are the ones putting in work. the last 20% should go to the staff for ties and unbiased voting.

  8. davis says:

    If I were in your shoes I would do it in two tiers: Newbies and Vets. Each have to battle people at the bottom of the list and work their way up. The leader of the Newbies can start battling the bottom of the Vets. The polling on this site would decide the winner of each battle.

    If I were to give you any advice it would be to streamline the editing process and get the films up faster.

  9. mally mall says:

    Collectively everything should matter. Fans will be bias based on who their fav is not who’s best. Mc’s will favor who they roll wit. Take all aspects then average the votes out

  10. inda says:


    MC’s vote top 10 , 1. place adds 35 % on MC’s fans votes
    2. place adds 20 % on MC’s fans votes
    3. place adds 10 % on MC’s fans votes
    4. place adds 8 % on MC’s fans votes

  11. inda says:

    The selection should be made by fans combined with MC’s votes

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