Fatz vs Philly Swain parts 1 & 2


Fatz vs Philly Swain part 1

Fatz vs Philly Swain part 2

23 Responses to Fatz vs Philly Swain parts 1 & 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    Philly swain was hottahands down 215 . but fatz was spitting hotbars.but philly swain murdered that shit!!!

  2. Philly swain! Ring on wedding finger, yu look like a thing member!! Lol

  3. Kitrik says:

    Fatz is nice…I dont think bangers like to advertise, so it makes me wonder, swain did have round 3 by a mile….gotta respect freestyle ….. but fatz did win first 2 ( my opinion ) AHAT deserves more respect , their rappers can stand with any battlers Ive seen…and yes a bias crowd can make a huge difference

  4. PJ says:

    I’ve been watching the AHAT battle league closely for the past 5 years and I have to say that most of the fronline rappers have some impressive lyrical abilities, each coming with there own style and flavour. I’m from the other side of the world, deep in the Pacific of Auckland, New Zealand! I voted a tie on this battle, it was hard to pick who really did one better over the other because of how good they both were, both slugged it out blow for blow but no one went down in my opinion. A rematch with nuetral judges will settle it! Keep it coming….

  5. Supreet says:

    Fatz won that shit.

  6. iminrvd says:

    philly won that he made it more personal than fats

  7. moe317 says:

    swain bars was better, fatz bars was nothing, when you dont rap, and you just listen to rap…non rappers like everything , including stupid shit….swain 2-0

  8. tblack190 says:

    fatz won 2-1 first and second rd swaine had some nice shit he was ill but lyrically fatz took it…swaine came hard tho last rnd but just alittle to late…

  9. dollah says:

    fatz went in…u got my respect….hands down u the best in the west,but you gotta battle t rex,calico or arsonal…if u tryin to have the JUiCE..ya dig..keep up the hard work………100

  10. moe317 says:

    Swain won dat shit hands down, 1 he was off of the head more , bars was more unpredicable, and he ate dat nigga fatz wit ah freestlye at da end…white boy is just aight, not no emminem.
    is to easy for a rapper from philly , yaw haten on swain and mad cause he killed ol boy…Keep it 100

  11. jseron... says:

    Fatz all the way…. Keep killing em Fatz!!!!!

  12. ESSEFF says:

    Fatz …………!!!

  13. DeeHart says:

    Round 1 tie, round 2 fatz went doofy, round 3 fatz…swain slept on fatz he shouldnt of freestyled

  14. uBosna.com says:

    Fats got it, but the crowed by biased as hell

  15. Locash says:

    You must be from Philly. There is no way in hell Philly won. He was garbage. Even Hitman Holla and Calico who are familiar with Swain and never saw Fatz, said Swain lost. Calico said it was 3-0. What battle were you watching??

  16. eatdatnigga says:

    FATZ ate that nigga.

  17. bmore410 says:

    Fatz is the champ he’s too ill his shit is flawless

  18. YOYO says:

    Great Battle. BUT>…………….

    Crowd was Biased. Period.!!!

    Fatz Killed it but they Gave NO Credit to Philly Swain .

    I Hate Biased Crowds.. Kills the Battle…

  19. southmiamiboyy says:

    fatz got it ! especially with that Whintey Houston line. but philly swain turn into a comedian the last round ?

  20. chekyaself says:

    Crowd was biased NO denying that! Good battle over all, Fatz didnt do enough to take it all the way. Philly Swain DESTROYED the whole battle in his 3rd round. Just so yall know there is underground rap battle etiquette, you dont talk or disturb your opposing battler when hes spitting, Fatz did that MULTIPLE times, why? because he was scared, because Philly Swain got in his ass (no homo). Next time Fatz should respect his opponent more and not talk or have his phone go off when in the battle.

    Good battle overall. Fatz almost had it but Philly Swain took this one to the City of Philly!

  21. Amar says:

    WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS UNHOLY IS WRONG WITH YOU? Fatz won that hands down! He’s the champ for a reason.

  22. M.star says:

    someone needs to tell “fatz” he needs 1. A diet. 2. Cut that shit of a pony tail off and 3. To stop fronting cause everyone knows he lying like a mother fucker. He only been this way for the past five years not his whole life. Some material there for anyone wanting to battle fatz next time. If he doesn’t have a heart attack by then with his clogged arteries obesed ass.

  23. mamba says:

    This battle was so good it should hit 100k views..but do to screwups and posting it more than a month late (fuck a Syrrrup league) it prob wont reach 50k. 106 might help Fatz get known by a few more people..but this battle gonna get him on a URL stage (the Mecca of this battle shit).

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