Franky Boyz- One For Me ft Young Ave (MUSIC VIDEO)


Check out the lovely AHAT Angels Candy Robinson and Melissa Benz in this music video by Franky Boyz featuring Young Ave. Follow Twitter @therealAHAT @od702.

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  1. karen king says:

    I have known Aarion for a year and I’am very proud of him, Because his determination on becoming sucessful with his singing career is powerful,and neverending determination , I’ve had first hand recognition of Aarion’s ability and determination for never giving up on his self, I’ve watched the drive in Aarion full throttle,his talent is so Automatic ,he’s totally tuned in to what the people like and enjoy…the sound’s of our time and on key with the word’s and meaning’s of his music from life experiences , he’s an amazing Artist with the ability to progress into a well rounded entertainer , I wish Aarion all the best in sucess and Life -GOD BLESS-

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