Genie vs Yung Gicasso | rap battle


3 Responses to Genie vs Yung Gicasso | rap battle

  1. Underground says:

    Oh my God! Gicasso? are you serious? Those friends you have are not your friends, if they are still hyping you up to think you have bars. What you have are scars! Scars from your day to day illusions and scars from all the beating you get from battles!

    OD are you serious? Why did you even post a battle like this. This was awful. I know you and your sponsors can do better then this! Besides that fact that nobody was paying attention in this battle you got to get passed these 60 second rounds.. Its amateur and you are knocking the artist talents( those very few artist you do have)..

    Genie! your bars need more of a punch. Get back on that genie that battled kooly bop. I do like how you were trying to step your lyrical game up on this one but there was no punch to it. C’mon genie !

    Back to gicasso, one last thing, GET RID OF YOUR FRIENDS!

  2. mrdaveyd says:

    Nice (brown)

  3. nice send us some of these to post @GLOBALHHB, green

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