Gunplay, gets jumped by 50 cents crew and holds his own.


New Video Emerges of Gunplay Fighting 50 Cent’s Entourage

The BET Hip Hop Awards just wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of drama and controversy. At last night’s event in Atlanta, Gunplay saw to that when a fight broke out between him and several of 50 Cent’s crew. Videos released onto the internet straight after the event saw the rapper in a prolonged scrap with around five unidentified men, while the G Unit main man stood behind them cursing and apparently “hiding”.

Gunplay was quick to defend his actions, implying that such a brawl was inevitable when forced to be around a crew like 50 Cent’s. “You got a bunch of motherf—ers in one place with a lot of money and a lot of egos … something was bound to happen,” he said.


It quickly emerged that the five men involved in the altercation were in 50 Cent’s security team. It is well known that Gunplay is not one of the Candy Shop rapper’s biggest fans. “I’ve always wanted to kick his a–, but finally got the opportunity to get close to him [and] he was hiding behind all his security,” he said. “I couldn’t get to him [and] try to break his little f—ing neck.” Gunplay’s sentiment does little to shift the blame away from him and onto his nemesis… could it be that he was the one that started the scramble?

At one point, one of Fiddy’s crew can be seen being hurled into the air. Then, several men scuffle, throwing each other against a row of metal barriers. Later on in the footage, which shows the scrap going on for almost two minutes, pepper spray is released into the faces of one of the men, causing him to cough heavily before running off. In the background are several vehicles – presumably belonging to Fiddy and his entourage – and a trailer that the crew eventually escape to.

As Gunplay explains, “I was getting ready to go catch my ride, [but] police told me I couldn’t leave the trailers, and I turn around and I see the donkey with eight more donkeys. It was either me jump the barrier and run or stand, pull up my pants and knuckle it out with the donkey.”


50 Cent, notorious for his excessive entourage, may or may not be to blame for starting this particular fight. However, his large crew of cronies and fast cars does little to silence his rivals. The New York City-based rapper is known to flaunt several flashy 2 seater supercars and large people carriers – including a Lamborghini Murcielago, a Bentley and even a customized bullet-proof SUV – often provoking his arch enemies to accuse him of having an over-inflated ego. At the start of the summer, 50 Cent was hospitalised after a serious crash that happened in New York City after one of his 7 seater cars crashed into a truck. The 21 Questions star suffered serious injuries to his back and neck. This brush with death appears to have done little to change the G Unit frontman’s confrontational attitude, however, if Gunplay’s most recent claims are anything to go by; the Rollin’ rapper later said that the main reason he got in the Hip Hop Awards brawl was because 50 Cent’s crew “jumped” him.

Earlier that evening, Gunplay’s boss, Rick Ross, was also involved in a fight with arch rival Young; although Gunplay claims this had nothing to do with his own altercation with 50 Cent.

Built like “Refrigerators”

Gunplay claims he left the fight in better shape that his opponents, despite them being built like “refrigerators”. He said that he was also caused to lose his balance, but that he stood back up “like a man” before catching “one of the refrigeration like a lion on a wildebeest.”

So whose fault the fight was is still unknown. It could well be that both parties were more than willing to cause trouble; after all, a fight is standard at events such as these, when many of hip hop’s most egotistical enemies are crammed into the same room for a whole evening. Gunplay, never one to mince his words, made sure the event finished on a negative note, with a stark warning for anyone else who wanted to see if he lived up to his name. “If you play with me, you might get gunned down — you never know,” he scorned.

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  1. skyler says:

    this is only 1 of 2 videos, get the video that shows how this starts and you will see what im sayin

  2. skyler says:

    dude DID NOT hold his own, he gets thrown liek a ragdoll, stomped, then maced by the po. he attacked back after 50s dudes were tryin to scatter from police

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