HBK Of Doughboyz Cashout Gets Knocked Out & Robbed Of His Chain In Detroit *UPDATE* HBK Responds “Everybody Takes A Loss”


HBK has responded in a video released Monday (December 9) by Control Detroit. He acknowledged it is him getting beaten in the video and said it comes with the territory.

“To make a long story short, we planned to go to [Cobo Hall]… just me and three other n*ggas,” HBK told Control. “N*gga went to that b*tch 4 deep, walking around with our jewelry on like some regular n*ggas who ain’t got no deal. Some bullsh*t happened in the midst of that. Sh*t happens to the best of them. I got jumped by probably 20 n*ggas. But the sh*t really ain’t sh*t though man. That s*** happens everyday in Detroit. We don’t have security. I been in deeper sh*t. I done been in the hood for so f*cking long. N*gga I done got in shootouts and almost got killed. This sh*t just a small fry. Everybody takes a loss. Everybody takes their L’s.”

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