AHAT Cali Hoops | C.B. vs Kalib


One Response to AHAT Cali Hoops | C.B. vs Kalib

  1. Underground says:

    Damn OD this is just getting ridiculous.. You need to step your game up. URL is killing you.
    1. You can’t even have more then 60 second rounds! How amateur!
    2. Nobody cares about basketball! This is suppose to be rap battles not bball battlese!
    3. Get some talented people on here, All these new dudes i’ve seen lately are garbage!
    they spend to much time in the mirror it seems( danny myers, yung pop, cb and a few more i noticed)
    Everytime i get on this site they have a new blog video put up where they cussing at the camera! NOBODY CARES! GET MORE BATTLES GOING!

    C’mon OD what happend to the old ahat? Back when donnie smashed Nov, and you had those screwed up judges judging in your favor! Back before fatz was good? Back when trigga had braids that never grew? Back before you started to copy Url? If you are going to be url’s little brother then atleast put some effort into it and stop being so amateur.

    This is just sad now!

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