JAYO FELONY will rap battle on AHAT.tv for the WEST COAST



San Diego and the Crip gangs very own Jayo Felony just announced that he will be battling a top tier AHAT MC to unite and put on for the WestCoast. This is to add to the on going evolution of battle rap as main stream artist are starting to cross over into the arena.

James Savage, better known by his stage name Jayo Felony, is a rapper from southeast San Diego, California. He is known for being the first San Diego rapper to be signed to a major label.[citation needed] Jayo Felony was a member of the Neighborhood Rollin 40’s, a Crip gang stretching from the Chollas View to the Mount Hope neighborhoods of Southeast San Diego

In 1994 Jayo Felony was signed to the label owned by Jam Master Jay called Jam Master Jay Records. That year Jayo released his debut album, Take a Ride.[1] In 1998, Jayo released his follow-up album, Whatcha Gonna Do? on Def Jam. It featured rappers like Method Man, DMX, Mack 10, WC, Redman, Kokane, Ice Cube, E-40 and 8 Ball & MJG

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