Katt Williams vs Faizon Love


Actor Faizon Love informs reporters that Katt Williams pulled a gun out on him on Tuesday night. Mr. Williams was arrested that night for brandishing a gun but it was unknown at the time that he pulled his gun on Mr. Love. Faizon described the incident as stemming from a $50,000 debt that Katt allegedly owes him.

The two began to argue about the money and when the argument escalated Katt Williams went to his car and pulled out a gun. Faizon Love told reporters that his homeboy took the gun from Katt Williams and after he noticed the gun wasn’t loaded then he gave it back to him.

Faizon Love says that he is not the one that called the police. After the incident Faizon mentions he and his friend proceeded to enter the club in which the incident took place in front of.

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