Konflict Interview with T. Kelbert


Konflict speaks on his up and coming battle for the Bought to Blow 2 event in Salt Lake City, Utah as well as other topics.

4 Responses to Konflict Interview with T. Kelbert

  1. BLKTAk says:

    Very professional, well thought out interview. Lighting, editing, filming top notch! Both Konflict and
    T. Kelbert created an amazing interview to both enlighten and entertain us! Kudos to you Both!

  2. Asia Sky says:

    The video is super dope.! Great to see some of Konflict’s greatest battles in action. ! He’s got mad talent and gonna kill these irrelevant ass rappers ….with their wack ass Asian punch lines.

  3. Malique Pratt says:

    Very professional looking interview. Fucks with it!

  4. K says:


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