Konflict’s Road to Summer Jam


6 Responses to Konflict’s Road to Summer Jam

  1. James says:

    Dope Video!

  2. BLKTLK says:

    Professional filming, videographing, and editing. Excellent work Tyler and Bray!

  3. Asia Sky says:

    Looking forwards to seeing more work from Konflict! He one of the coldest rappers out there no lie, doin it big for Summer Jam!! Shout out to Tyler for hookin up the vid and the fresh cut. ,! Super DOPE vid.!

  4. Kahlil says:

    DOPE AF!!!!1 “MADE MY WAY FROM THE BOTTOM” perfect for kon’s story… he came up and still moving too. dope video … clean af.

  5. Gregg Nichols says:

    This video was on point! Tyler did an awesome job keep it up! Also good shit konflict keep doin ya thing!

  6. Malique says:

    Video was dope as fuck. Konflict about to put on for the city! Shoutout to Tyler Kelbert on the video too!

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