KOTD – GZ – Kg The Poet vs Doms


7 Responses to KOTD – GZ – Kg The Poet vs Doms

  1. Me nigga says:

    Donnie Menace and Doms might not happen though cuz they both from gage fam

  2. Me nigga says:

    Wtf how are you gonna say Doms lost because he messed up in round 2. Doms said he’s already heard all the jokes about his hair. And if you think Kg didnt say anything about Doms hair then you clearly didnt watch this video because in round 1 Kg clearly said from the neck up you look like Clay Mathews. And what is Clay Mathews know for??? His fucking hair!!!!!! Idc what anybody say Kg came hard but i think there needed to be another round to decide it all.

  3. Liam from UK says:

    Kid doms is sick as hell man

  4. danny says:

    kg won that hands down. i really like doms i think he needs to practice more he will be top soon

    donnie menace vs doms ?
    donnie menace vs trigaaah ?

    i would like to see these battle it out

    donnie menace is no joke he his the real deal

  5. Shine says:

    KG kept it more aggressive and gangsta. Doms has skills but I don’t think he brought his A-game either. My opinion for Doms is try to have different styles to be more rounded specially if your going to ever had a shot at a top tier Mc. Much love and respect for Doms don’t give up homie keep it up and continue to practice. Make sure you are always learning with each battle rather it is a win or a lost. KG the poet and Nov lets go ahat! LOL!!

  6. yunier says:

    on the real they edited the last verse it took away from doms crowd reaction i really think that was his best verse and on the second round with his personal right there he should have won like doms said pretty shifty sounded lol

  7. Vegas says:

    Haha dam kg the poet bullied da shit outta
    doms which i think made doms miss up in
    the 2nd Rd and lose The battle..i also think
    it was a tie they both came Out alrite kg
    had punch lines but not all dat good and
    Doms tried over doin it wit jokes and needs
    To be more controlive and aggressive..
    Yo whatz up wit da Donnie menace vs trex??

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