L.I.B vs FATTZ – Utah vs Missouri – Rap Battle – AHAT – Utah


Check out this Midwest connection as one of the best of Kansas City Missouri hits the road to Salt Lake city Utah to battle on one of the biggest and most diverse platforms in the World in AHAT.

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6 Responses to L.I.B vs FATTZ – Utah vs Missouri – Rap Battle – AHAT – Utah

  1. Anonymous says:

    “U look like that fat bitch from norbit bro your size earth right? U could be used for another globe him slimming down ud be the nerd with the nappy frow (norbit) the fat boys starving n ur eatin up all the “roles” being a play off rolls. Lol anybody that knows that movie knows that Eddie Murphy plays multiple roles. Cuda got the phat boys!!! Good battle but LIB was more clever n direct. I can see his progression. Deff gettin better. 4 his 2nd solo battle wasn t to bad. Keep it up LIB I can see him being a problem. #ahat #LIB 2-1

  2. Just a fan says:

    LIB 4 sure “hes the type to say he “bald” on wax so its only right u “dred” me u aint real on “tracks” u like a “hair weeve” n me im like still birth boy i was born cold u dont think im tight u got shit twisted “cornroll” word play crazy “how im murderin ink yo lettin the beat go u can back to back like drake murderin meet tho” but the editin cut some of rounds off. I was there live and its missin some material. #AHAT make sure that dont happen in future battles ruins the monentum.

  3. Anonymous says:

    LIB KILLED THAY SHIT! He use the vast of home improvements lol crazy battle.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Fattz killd em

  5. FUCK FATTZ Cuz hes WACK! says:

    Damn hear the multies that LIB has there RAD!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    L. I. B

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